About Us
Founded in 2004, Priyasri Art Gallery has been extremely responsive to the evolving language of art and nurturing a gamut of artistic practices and expression. The gallery is dedicated to its role of exhibiting modern, contemporary and experimental; besides focusing on showcasing young artist we also represents avante garde artist like Akbar Padamsee and masters like Jogen Chaudhury. It also provides artists’, studio facility in the art hub of India- Baroda with its AQ@Priyasri- The Artist Studio since 2003 and has recently launched a studio dedicated to the art of printmaking.

Writes Corry Bell, “Ok now (not tomorrow), we have again two versions on this business of Art. One says this: Art is creativity, curiosity, new things happening in your mind and life. It’s an emerging surprise, it’s even a shock; it's liberation. The danger it confronts is death by Museum, the imprisonment of the curators frame. To avoid it, it needs to keep on the move, nomadically in step with new recourses and technologies. The other voice says: Creativity and Curiosity belong everywhere. But there is one strange thing with this species, and that is the way it can wrap its hands and heart and eyes around a piece of inert matter and coax it into life.”

“Gallery Priyasri” seems to address both these voices through a voice of its own.

In the bustling Mumbai mid-town art space, Priyasri Art Gallery is a cozy 2500 sq. feet contemporary art gallery neatly nested on the seafront in Madhuli, Worli. Its 7X 30 feet French windows look out onto a stunning view of the Arabian Sea that shapes the identity of the city. Fond of viewing the sunset from the gallery, artist Akbar Padamsee has noted how the space creates a juxtaposition between natural and man-made art.